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This letter is to inform you that due to ongoing discussions with TRAI, operators have increased the price on SMS that will be effective from Nov 3rd 2012 and you will get confirmation mail as soon as possible. As per operators the price per SMS might be increased anything in between 0.15 INR to 0.20 INR for transactional SMS and 0.25 INR TO 0.30 INR per SMS on promotional SMS on existing SMS pricing.

Transcational SMS Charges:

For Ex: Normal price per SMS 0.06 INR + Operator chargers 0.15 INR to 0.20 INR (Total price per SMS will be 0.21 INR to 0.26 INR for Transcational SMS).

Promotional SMS Charges:

For Ex: Normal price per SMS 0.04 INR + Operator chargers 0.25 INR to 0.30 INR (Total price per SMS will be 0.29 INR to 0.34 INR for promotional SMS)

As we need to do server up-gradation at our end, all the promotional SMS route will be blocked until further communication from us.

Transactional SMS route will continue to be available for you to send all your emergency communications, as it is now.

Looking forward for a favorable consideration.


Dear Customer, As per TRAI Rules Messages can be sent from 9 AM to 9 PM only to INDIA.

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